If you don’t know whether you have a Strategic, Business or Change planning problem, the following list has been noted for you to do a self-check. Some of the items below are Causes and some are Effects, but it’s breaking into the problem solving cycle which is important. This is not an exhaustive list, but look at them to see whether these are areas where your company has issues.

Then, if there is an issue, ask yourself the question, “Do we have a Controlled Plan in place to mitigate such a risk?”

As a simple shared exercise for visitors to the website, select your top 3 issues from the ones below and all the votes of other readers priorities will be calculated as a percentage. See if you stand alone with your issues.

If your key Business Challenge is missing Click Here and you can Anonymously submit it so we can shape the list. We just ask 3 simple questions of you to gauge a profile to help with future articles.

If your answer was ‘I do not know!‘, then that has to be an alert for you to do something about it.

The correction plan may lead you to a restatement of your strategy, re-balancing a business plan with better goals and metrics or where there is a fundamental company transformation required a change programme.

An additional viewpoint can help the Executive Team and speed up a resolution.  It’s still your actions for your company to deliver your future, but with an injection of thought leadership to guide your thinking.

The most important thing that Dugdale Consulting will focus on is how to get the Company into a position where it can see the depth of the solution, make decisions and can implement it with its own resources where possible.

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