David Dugdale, founder of Dugdale Consulting

Dugdale Consulting is a Strategy, Business Planning and Change Management practice, focussed on executing Company strategy and delivering better performance

“everything I think, say and do is based on Marketing Principles”

David has over 35 successful years experience with a global FTSE 100 company and with global ventures in Senior Management positions.  The last 17 years have been focussed on Strategy, Business Planning and Change Management. To fulfil his goals he decided to move to work with his own Client base and to share his business experiences in this field.

Below is David’s background and pedigree with some of the positions he has held that built his experience and business knowledge.  Here are the key roles:

Head of Manpower Planning, BT Global, responsible for planning of worldwide resources and for building the change plan to deliver higher levels of performance for the future and sitting on the European Resource Management Board.

Business Transformation Director and VP, BT Global, building the transformation plan for BT Global Services into a professional services organisation and sitting on BT Group’s Transformation Programme Leadership Team.  Implementation of executive and employee engagement techniques, a critical part of making change happen as well as Storyboarding and ‘Storytelling’.

Director of Strategy and Business Planning for a large Global Venture between BT and ATT/MCI, planning for Channel Strategies in its Global Markets division.  David was also BT’s global Channel and Distribution subject matter expert.

Global Account Management developing business and relationships with two American based MNCs for BT plc

Channel Marketing Consultant working with a range of Mid Sized Businesses to Blue Chip companies on changing their channel mix.

As you can see, David has had wide exposure in the corporate world with lots of hands-on experience in Planning and Change. This is supplemented with additional experience in Strategy, Channel Strategy and negotiation, Acquisition implementation, Sales, and guidance and insight for Executive management of large organisations.

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