Big Data, Small Attention


The challenges of collecting and managing vast amounts of data have been discussed in great detail and everyone is in agreement that it will happen. We don’t know how companies and their partners will do it, but they will do it. However, are we overlooking a key facet of using data for marketing and governance purposes that is quite literally staring us in the face?

Let’s take a scenario of big data in a Corporate looking after business customers, B2B for simplicity sake. Now let’s consider that we know the human side of the equation really well. We have the customers profile, associations, historical patterns, opinions, shoe size, favourite colour and an array of metadata that says “we know you better than you know yourself”. So, we get to work on the Human to Human communication and are prepared for the psychographic discussion that allows us to provide the ‘answer’. Social Media will play its role in getting the message to the DNA, sorry the Client, and we are in married bliss in a Client Relationship, ding-dong, ding-dong!

Big Data will also bring even more communicators and innovation will bring us more applications, so the use of human-to-human (H2H) data will proliferate. This is where we get to the challenge…how will the Human absorb volumes of data? Email, Tweets, IM’s, App bulletins and every other ping-type announcement that will flash before the user with more data and more links than ever before. Will we have to take the retrospective step to simple browser search queries for the Human to be able to cope?

My thoughts are that we need to focus on the day in the life of a Human, a modern Human, to assess how they meet their social and work needs using data and how we make it easy for them. If the Human solution is too difficult, we will not have advanced Big Data other than proving that we can collect, store and correlate massive points or data. If we succeed the step forward could be as dramatic as the use of steam in industry.

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