Auld lang syne…a chance to reset your direction


This is the last Post of the year as I get ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

I have always tried to take an extended holiday in December to get some quality time with the family and to allow myself time to reflect on the year and where I am heading. It is a special time of year where others in the business world also try to do the same. Even if you are working over the holiday period, you get the sense that it is a ‘different’ time in the year than any other (sounds corny, but please read on…)

For us in the Northern hemisphere, the shorter days and the absence of natural light is adequately compensated by bright lights and jingles. In the marketing world they call it ‘involuntary attention’. Whether you want to take in the ambiance or not, it gets to you. It is a time to think of others less fortunate, those who are distant from you and those who are no long able to celebrate with you. But what it is is a moment in time, where your body and mind knows that a closure on an event is about to happen. The 365 days click by one after the other until that last minute on 31 December… “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

If it has been a bad year you think and hope for a better one, your healthy resolutions kick in and it really is a fresh start, albeit in the mind. But being in the mind is good, because this is your conscience for positive emotion and motivation

This time-out moment gives us an opportunity to call closure on something, to create, to invent and to start anew for the fresh year ahead. This is your moment and a time to be positive too.

The whole world has been trying to recover from one of the most impactful recessions in our short history. Politicians and Senior business people have been shaping and saving to keep companies afloat and now we are ready for a bit of welcomed growth. So my challenge to you, at years end, is think how you might do things differently in the New Year to help with Growth?

Whether you are leading a business as CEO or are lower down in one of the critical functional chains you have an opportunity to ‘think’ differently and ‘speak up’. Ideas are not reserved for people with certain job titles and even if you do not know the solution, you might be able to define a business-enabling question! I am a firm believer that it is not a few people that will draw us back to prosperity, it’s the combined strength of the masses that will deliver us innovation, excitement and growth.

So what should you do?

Just think through the process of how and why you are doing things today. It will be to a ‘plan’, whether it is a written plan or not, and you do what you do based on a set of ‘rules’ that guide you. This is your direction…it’s your reference for doing business. And you will continue to head on this course, unless you pause for thought and reset your purpose. The turn of the New Year is a great time to think and change because you are in the right frame of mind. It also coincides for many companies that they either have just closed their financial year or are in the 3 months running up to it.  A great time to think how your role, your product or a process could work differently to give a better outcome!

If you are already experiencing success and your company has a predictable and successful planned future, the reset of direction may be minimal, but the thinking process will reaffirm that you are on the right route.

So, keep this in mind as you start your new year and instead of just getting back into the ‘same old’ work pattern, challenge yourself and your company!

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That just leaves it for me to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


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