Great minds think alike…


Do we all think alike in Business?

‘Great minds’ are said to do so, but how do we get there and what do we take into account? Is thinking more in the creative category or is it in the scientific category?

Take part in a simple survey and we will play the findings into an article on ‘Business Thinking’ by the end of December.

It is anonymous and is only going to use the responses you give and if we are lucky with the automation, your Country. It is also purposefully a lighter subject matter so that should make for interesting and easy reading as we head to the end of quite a challenging year.

Just click on the link below. There are 12 Questions and it should take you 2 minutes to complete.

Start Survey (Click Here)

I’m trying to get a good response, so feel free to share this page.

It will be Open until the close of 20 December 2013 or until we’ve received 1000 responses.

Many thinks.

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