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Dugdale Consulting has a large number of readers around the globe who are regular visitors to the topical Posts on Strategy, Business Planning and Change Management. To supplement the Posts there are regular Tweets written for Executive management teams to guide them on becoming better, fitter and faster in the way they do business.

They are concise…to be Short as they are Tweet.


@DugdaleConsult is designed to deliver Thought-leadership and Insight…

…and is targeted at Middle to Executive management teams across an organisation and for innovators and academic opinion formers.

There’s a nice archive of past Tweets to tap into and they are updated regularly. I see them as a ‘better business’ thought for the day.

Just press the Follow Button above or below to follow me and please share across your colleagues and management teams.

I am always interested in feedback, so if you have an angle that I am not covering, please reply to a Tweet.

If your Executives are looking for some specific Advice in areas where you have business challenge, just hit the Contact Tab at the top of the Page.

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