Whatever it takes…grow the business!

Is this a phrase that you have ever heard from a Manager to express urgency?

For me this approach lines up with some of the other Business Strategy word-plays (let’s call them ‘BS Words’ for short) that are just thrown out as JDI directions to make results happen. In their correct place and in the context that the original creative author intended, they can add the drama needed to create an immediacy in the call to action. In the wrong context, they are a signal for failure. Let me explain using the Growth mandate in the headline as an example.

I am an advocate of the statement ‘Not all business is good business’. Unless you have a clear Strategy, a balanced Plan and have thought through the aspects of Change required to grow, expanding your business could have a catastrophic effect on the stability of your existing base. Taking the simple model of selling Existing Products or New Products to Existing Customers. The opportunity for predatory price competition without value creation disrupts the market. Your Competitors react and elements in all market propositions begin to fail. Customer Service becomes a costly overhead and your Cash Flow heads south. You probably don’t get what you need, neither do your Competitors but importantly nor do your Customers.

So, how should it be?

You do have to create urgency about the need for Change. In the case above it would be Profitable Growth, but whatever your transformation requires it should be based on a simple and repeatable ‘Story’, your Company’s Story, that explains the Big Picture. It should contain the reality of where you have come from, the challenges and issues you face, the critical aspects of the required Change and what strategic imperatives everyone needs to consider as they deliver, together, to make it happen. This is a leader-led and an employee-engaged way to satisfy your Plan and ultimately execute on your Business Strategy.

Of course there are a number of other pieces that come into the preparation such as Delivery and Control of your plan, but taking a little time to develop your Story and bringing your employees and senior managers with you will return more predictable and sustainable results.

Now, how would you tell your Story?

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