The Big Picture

A clear Strategy takes time to develop, but from it the rest of your business plan and go-to-market plans will form, quicker and more consistently.

An electronics company I visited years ago, shocked me with the quick production of a Vision and Values ‘business card’, which succinctly told a short story of where the company was going and how the processes and employees needed react to make it happen.  The disappointment was when I was told that it was for ‘management’ only!  I’m a big fan of engaging everyone in the company and where possible your suppliers to the direction you have chosen and the role that everyone plays, day to day.

The Big Picture of what you are doing, where you are going needs to be an ‘involve everyone’ programme.  There will of course be a pecking order for engagement and support for the story, but eventually the same Managers need to take it to their staff and be the role models that the Strategy and Plan expects.  There are some really effective methods for getting everyone aligned, but there is also the resource and performance processes that need to marry.  All in all your organisation, what you are trying to do in the market, competitive advantage/disadvantage, your processes, your investments and your people are all part of the ‘Big Picture’.

A simple way to start your Big Picture is to see if you can tell the story of what your company is trying to do just to yourself in 10 minutes.  Do you have a start, a middle and an action ending.  To me a Strategic Big Picture is akin to a Star Wars movie, in theory there is no final and definitive end to the story, but with each edition you can link and leverage from what you have said in the past with a fresh story for the future and engage everyone in the company within it.  It is also a great tool for talking to Shareholders if they are not close to your company.

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